Reconstructing Improper Values with Reference DataΒΆ

Causal Step

This step uses the reference data to reconstruct improper values. An improper value \(Y_i\) at time step \(i\) is estimated using the following formula:

\[{\hat{Y}_i = \frac{Y_{i-1}}{Y^r_{i-1}} Y^r_i}\quad\text{,}\]

where \(\hat{Y}_i\) is the reconstructed value at time step \(i\) and \(Y^r_i\) is the reference data value at time step \(i\).

Input Parameters

  1. Input data including improper values
  2. Definition of improper values (‘nan’, ‘inf’, or ‘null’, etc.)

Output Parameters

  1. Output data excluding improper values




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